St Gildas’ Convent, The Hill, Langport, TA10 9QF Development opportunity


St Gildas' Convent The Hill Langport TA10 9QF

215278 Sq ft

Property Details

The property has historically been used as convent accommodation. Up until the mid-1990s the Charity operated a school on part of the property and from an adjacent site which was subsequently sold for residential development. Most recently the property has been let to a religious community providing retreat services.
Terms: There is a preference for unconditional offers, although realistic subject to planning offers will be considered if accompanied with an architectural feasibility and supporting information.

Main Building
Property Size 17375 Sq Ft - Sq Ft
Property Size 1614 Sq M - Sq M

Service Block
Property Size 480 Sq Ft - Sq Ft
Property Size 45 Sq Ft - Sq Ft

Former classroom block
Property Size 2151 Sq Ft - Sq Ft
Property Size 200 Sq Ft - Sq Ft

Property Size 2 Sq Ft - Sq Ft
Property Size 4.9 Sq Ft - Sq Ft