Fund Management

We currently manage client investment portfolios of around £300 million.

Our clients are generally smaller endowment funds and charities that appreciate the level of service and tailored approach that Gerald Eve can offer their individual portfolios. This means they can retain the full benefit and control that direct property investment offers, with Gerald Eve providing strategic investment advice and a full asset management service.

In dealing with portfolios of this size we recognise that the performance of one specific property can have a more significant impact on the overall performance of the portfolio than is the case with larger funds. As such, the importance of management at an individual property level is amplified. Hence, functions such as early discussions with tenants before breaks/expires, prompt and effective rent review settlement, rent collection and debt management and early planning and refurbishment programmes are all vitally important aspects of achieving performance. Equally important, if not more so, is our stock selection philosophy which drives our acquisition approach. For smaller portfolios it is more difficult to minimise systemic risk through weighting strategies and stock selection and management of assets becomes the stronger driver of performance.

At Gerald Eve we place a high emphasis on partner involvement on all instructions. This is particularly important with asset and investment management mandates where effective service delivery at all levels is required to ensure maximum income and capital performance from investment portfolios.


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